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Josep M. Allué, Dani Gómez
Albert Monteys
No. of Players
2 - 4
Play Time
20 Minutes
Hand Management
Country of Origin
Year Released
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Product Dimensions (cm)
18 x 13 x 4
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The crazy Catalans are at it again, creating massive human towers in streets and squares. Your team of castellers, called colles, tries to raise up their towers first with encouragement from the Grallers (musicians) and the Cap de colla (team leader). Careful not to get the jitters and try to avoid llenya (when a tower falls down). The festival winner is the colla who gets the most applause!

The group that raises their castells first will receive more applause, but be careful – one slip and the castell will make llenya and the entire thing will come tumbling down.  Fortunately, the head of the colla is always careful to give precise directions so that the castell an be successfully completed.  The gralles are playing! Terços amunt!

This is a card game which takes 20 minutes to play where you build human towers through hand management.