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David Esbri
Cels Piñol
No. of Players
Play Time
45 Minutes
Chit-Pull, Dice Rolling, Miniatures
Country of Origin
Year Released
Rule Book Links
Product Dimensions (cm)
29.5 x 29.5 x 7
Product Weight (kg)

Welcome to Barnacity! Consider yourself under arrest.

Fanhunter is a crazy and violent universe set in the near future, in which all forms of geek culture and entertainment have been banned. But the brave members of the Resistance are determined to fight…for their right…to party!

Fanhunter: Urban Warfare is a a board game with miniatures for two or more players. Players alternate turns in which they move their miniatures on the different boards in order to complete any of the pre-designed missions. Each of the players will draw an activation counter from a bag in order to know which side’s turn it is. Then they will be able to activate any of their units or characters. Characters can perform actions, using D6s in order to determine success. Players will roll against a threshold number, and each result equal or higher than said threshold will result in a success.

The game includes a complete campaign with eight missions, which offer a narrative experience if played in order. The game also includes rules to design your own adventures, which expands the gaming lifespan of this game.