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Roberto Fraga, Yohan Lemonnier
Albert Monteys
No. of Players
2 - 4
Play Time
30 Minutes
Movement Programming, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers, Take That
Country of Origin
Year Released
April 2019
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Product Dimensions (cm)
23 x 18 x 5
Product Weight (kg)

The Greenskin’s passion for speed and violence is well-known throughout the galaxy, a passion they are always willing to display given the opportunity. They take any excuse to launch their best Gretchinz into insane races where survival is usually optional!

Recreate the frantic races with your friends, pitting these crazy speed freaks against each other. Choose which clan your Gretchinz belong to, each with their own unique ability. Play your cards cunningly and try to manage your attacks and movements intelligently, before your rivals have a chance to get ahead. Players will simultaneously roll their dice looking to get the results they need to succeed, rerolling frantically to try and get that one last die result before another player yells out to end the rolling spree… now you’re all stuck with the dice you’ve got! Make the most of those results, program your moves carefully to avoid your rivals’ attacks and make it to the finish line. Start your engines, lock and load, it’s time to race.