Legends of Andor: New Heroes

No. of Players
2 - 6
Play Time
60 - 90 Minutes
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Year Released
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Product Dimensions (cm)
29.5 x 14.5 x 4.5
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Four new heroes and heroines have risen to protect Andor: Kheela, protector of the river lands, commander of the potent water spirit. Fenn, the tracker, possessor of special tools and weapons. Mighty Bragor, the powerful Taurean fighter. And Arbon the guardian, with the ability to diminish the strength of enemy creatures. Now, the Legends from the basic game and from the “Star Shield” expansion can be experienced by up to six players. But even for just two, three, or four players, these heroes can offer some exciting variety.

This expansion pack offers new playable heroes as well as new foes to face.