Up to 10% discount for retailers with our Core Programme!

Up to 10% discount for retailers with our Core Programme!

We are opening up a programme for all of our customers which we feel will benefit us all.  We have seen some customers working really hard at marketing our titles and want to reward their efforts, and hopefully encourage others to join them!  While each of the below goals will provide a discount for your company, our aim is to provide your staff with the tools and knowledge of our catalogue of games, to enable them to serve your customers more effectively.  Each of the below criteria will be worth 2% discount:


  • We will offer two training dates for our new games and we will open this up to any staff at any of our customers retail outlets.  Any retailer that sends staff will be eligible for discount until the next training event, when the discount structure will be reset.  The first training day is planned for Autumn Fair on Sunday 1st September at a location near the NEC (to be determined on numbers).
  • There will be several themed Kosmos board game event boxes, so that any retailers can use our stock to host Kosmos game play evenings and promote the games.  Retailers that market and host a Kosmos event are eligible for discount.*
  • Any orders that contain all the top 5 brand families will get discount. These are Legends of Andor, EXIT – The Game, Ubongo, Lost Cities, and Imhotep.
  • Send us a picture of your updated Kosmos window display for a discount (for 2 months from that date).
  • Discount is given monthly for email / social media campaigns that focus on our brand of which we should be copied in for clarity:




Email campaign: games@thamesandkosmos.co.uk

Those who maintain all discounts (10% total discount) through marketing, hosting KOSMOS events, training, and keeping displays updated, will be eligible for pre-release opportunities of our titles!






*These event boxes can be booked out from KOSMOS, and we will arrange transportation around the country, between the shops that have requested them.  Each kit will have a contents list, and all retailers must check before and after their games evening, that all contents are present.  Missing parts must be reported and may be charged for.

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